Luigi Pangaro is a South Australian photographer, graphic designer, MC, and amateur filmmaker.

He has seven years experience in television and web production, and is known for his Adobe tutorials, reviews, and machinima (animated short films made with video games).

Below is Luigi’s most recent machinima film, Big Bad Wolves: Royal Blood, on which I assisted with scriptwriting. This is my first credit as Script Doctor.

While I was working with Luigi on this project, he had this to say about Big Bad Wolves: Royal Blood:

“Royal Blood is the third instalment in a web series centred around cannibalistic werewolves. It was inspired by my fascination with black and white morality, and how there are different shades of evil. Yes, these werewolves are evil, but not compared with the werewolf hunters. They don’t want to eat dead bodies in order to stop the Sickness from destroying them, but they must. And of course, their number one rule: never murder an innocent to sate that hunger. The werewolf hunters, the supposed ‘good guys’, would rather frame an innocent in order to catch a “werewolf” and receive their pay.

Royal Blood took a long time to write. I wanted to expand on the setting, establish the rules of werewolfism, and talk more about the towns and the government.

The setting of the BBW series is a very dark, medieval, gothic crapsack world, but I try to add a little hope at the end of each series, unlike say GoT or Warhammer. I’m a glass half full kind of person. was a massive resource for me. I tried my best to incorporate many morality tropes, but also subvert them as well. I was also inspired by peerage, titles, and anything to do with British, Italian and French royalty. The way they would introduce someone, for example Count Ichabod, Prince of Wales, the Duke of Anjou, 6th in line to the throne, was all pretty cool. Even the fact that at some royal parties, the guests would wear masks because the nobility didn’t want to be seen with the lower class, was all inspired by history.

Royal Blood is a dark story, but I think one that should be told.”

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