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From a fertile woodland to a royal hunting lodge, to a luxurious playground for the French aristocracy, to a world-renowned museum, the Palace of Versailles in the southwest region of Ile-de-France has been the site of many significant historical moments in Europe over the past three hundred years.

When the future king of France, Louis XIII (13), first visited the small medieval village of Versailles on his debut hunting trip in August 1607, he was surprised to discover that it was surrounded by meadows abundant with pheasants, boars and stags. Although he did not visit Versailles again until in 1621, Louis XIII’s fondness for the location quickly grew and in late 1623, he decided to build a hunting lodge where he could spend the night instead of travelling all the way back to the Palace of Saint-Germain-en-Laye in the west.

Construction on the site continued until 1634, and although the…

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